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MDM; EAGLE SHARK mine action in Ukraine

The Mine Detection and Mapping (MDM) Programme aims to provide the highest quality mine & UXO detection and mapping services to clients operating in Ukraine.

EAGLE SHARK A/S provides security services, with a wide network and extensive experience operating in Ukraine since 2015. Made up of former members of the military, intelligence services, and law enforcement, EAGLE SHARK specializes in travel security, terror threats, IT security, intelligence gathering, mine detection and mapping, and more. We aim to build and sustain continuous, un-interrupted business in Ukraine by providing local knowledge, intelligence, risk assessments, and security. EAGLE SHARK has been operating in Ukraine in collaboration with the Danish Foreign Ministry, the military institutions of Ukraine, as well as many multinational companies.

We have a proven track record conducting and assisting operations globally, working with governments and private organizations, and delivering on complex security challenges.

MDM Benefits

-90% cost

Save lives

90% faster



Anti corruption

Photo; EAGLE SHARK operators conducting a MDM survey on the "old" frontline in
Mykolaiv Oblast, Ukraine June 2023.

Photo by Mikael Thiesen, Copyright EAGLE SHARK A/S


State of the Art Technology

Our partner is a high-tech company that specializes in drone based magnetic services, using survey systems and software that was developed in-house. These services provide the most reliable, consistent, and accessible magnetic data for the safe and efficient removal of unexploded ordnance (UXO) in harbors, offshore, and on land. The V2MAG system was designed specifically for UXO and mine detection, and has been being used commercially since 2019. The V2MAG positional system is equipped with centimeter level positioning, while the system has an unprecedented noise level of just 0.015nT, making it able to detect even the smallest of UXO’s. This technology is equipped with Acecore NOA drones, which is capable of laser-guided terrain following, a payload of 20 kg. The systems provide real time, transmitted data to a computer source on site, where coordinates of detected UXO’s and mines are immediately available to the team on site.


The Mine Detection and Mapping (MDM) Programme is a collaboration between EAGLE SHARK A/S and UMag Solutions to provide the highest quality UXO mapping services to customers operating in Ukraine.

Using technology developed and optimized by UMag Solutions, EAGLE SHARK experience, and a broad operating network with Ukraine, we will be able to map farmland, areas surrounding critical infrastructure, and more, faster and more effectively than ever.

Drone magnetic services offer many benefits over traditional mine detection and mapping methods, as it is a safer, faster, and more efficient process.  

The data collected through this project will immensely benefit customers and their abilities to continue operating and conducting business in Ukraine.

For agricultural and commercial customers, the data collected will immediately allow them to begin operations on their land, as areas with UXO’s and mines can be marked off and avoided. Before detection and mapping, entire fields will be unusable, as there will be no known locations of UXO’s. After mapping and marking off locations with UXO’s, customers will still be able to use large percentages of their land, and immediately begin seeing the return on investment that MDM provides.

Furthermore, there are substantial military applications for the mapped fields that are close to the front lines of the battle.

Customers who receive these maps will be able to work in conjunction with the Ukrainian military institutions to provide them working data to keep soldiers safe and out of harm's way.

"MDM" Mine Decetction & Mapping

Approximately 8 hectares a day

Each MDM team of two men can cover an average of 8 hectares a day for agricultural projects. Critical infrastructure and other mapping projects may have different rates.

Immediate Field Analysis

Our immediate field analysis that is conducted on the  spot allows for agricultural, critical infrastructure, military, and other operations to begin on the mapped area immediately after. This allows for same-day use of the mapped area.

Preparation and Risk Analysis

All assignments are subject to a thorough risk analysis, in order to assess the proper level of recommended protection or other mitigation strategies

Network in Ukraine

We have been operating in Ukraine since 2015. Our network consists of former diplomats, intelligence operatives, ex-military, ex-police, journalists, lawyers, etc.

State of the Art Technology

We provide the most accurate magnetics technology on the market for detecting and mapping mines, UXO's, and plastic ordinances.

Faster and more efficient than Traditional De-Mining

MDM is significantly faster, more efficient, and safer than traditional de-mining efforts, allowing the customer to reclaim larger areas of their land quicker.

MDM in Ukraine

More than 8 years of experience


The MDM technology has been developed over the past 8 years. The technology has been continuously tested and improved. Now in use at Danish Defense Institutions and their training facilities.
The last couple of years has proven this technology to be the best available, and to accurately and consistently detect and map all explosives.
MDM drones are currently operating in Ukraine.

Our operations office

In Lviv, Ukraine

Our operation office and safehouse is located strategically in the city of L'viv, a short distance of the borders of Poland.

From here we support our operators and provide a safe environment for operation planning and back office facilities.


Still have some questions?

Need mine action assistance in Ukraine?

If you're facing a mine/UXO challenge that demands external expertise in order to identify the scale of the problem in a fast, safe and cost low manner.
MDM is most likely your solution.


Ukraine office in L'viv

HQ; Copenhagen, Denmark




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