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EAGLE SHARK Ukraine Delegations

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EAGLE SHARK has been operating in Ukraine since 2015.

February 2022 the situation in Ukraine changed dramatically. With over 250 operations including, evacuations (Bucha), close protection, intelligence gathering, search & rescue and later *)business delegation security, market surveys and mine/UXO detection and mapping (MDM) we have build and extensive network including politicians, state officials, state organizations and also a local staff and office.

This experience is the very foundation for our Ukraine delegation concept.


Denmark has confirmed its participation in providing systematic assistance for the restoration of various facilities, including residential buildings, economic, social, and transport infrastructure in Mykolaiv (Oblast).

This is an unprecedented opportunity for especially Danish companies. The state of Denmark is already now providing funds via EIFO to Danish companies with regards to rebuild critical infrastructure. Later the rebuilding of housing, schools, hospitals etc. will commence. Only Danish companies can receive funding via EIFO.

Our Ukraine tour includes a visit to Mykolaiv to see the area and get a better understanding of the situation and to meet with revlevant authorities and representations.


4 - 6 participants.

Day 1.

Bus from Poland, early morning. Drive to Kyiv with an overnight stay on the way due to the curfew (from 24:00 to 05:00 on January 10, 2024).

Day 2.

Meeting at the Danish embassy including topics such as corruption, assessment of security situation by the DK defense attaché in general and specifically in Mykolaiv, Q&A.

Drive towards Mykolaiv begins.

Overnight stay on the way.

Day 3.

05:00 after the curfew is lifted and the immediate security situation is clarified, transfer to Mykolaiv.

In Mykolaiv, visit the embassy office, the Mayor's office, and a local company.

Return via Odessa.

Day 4.

Transfer to Poland via Odessa.

Day 5.

Return journey in the evening from Polish airport to CPH (participants must book their flights).



Pre-meeting online meeting and security brief.

Information gathering and risk analysis (planning according to the conditions).

24/7 emergency phone and back office.

Security manager with experience in the Ukraine war from EAGLE SHARK throughout the trip.
EAGLE SHARK has been working in Ukraine since 2015 and we have an in-depth knowledge as well as an extensive network in the country.

Transportation with minibus including snacks/drinks (water, soda) with local drivers who have extensive knowledge of the local conditions.

Hotel accommodation.

Partial meals.

Various visits to the embassy, consulate, and Mykolaiv.

Professional security equipment: helmets, fragmentation vests, first aid equipment, all military standards.

Ukrainian SIM cards, including internet.

Preliminary Dates: (dates will be confirmed asap).

Trip 1: March

Trip 2: April

Price per person: DKK 33,000,-

We also arrange individual delegation tours to Ukraine.

Contact Mikael Thiesen at:



Ukraine is at war and we cannot guarantee all what has been planned beforehand is possible to carry through. All preplanned visits and meetings can be changed or cancelled if the situation requires.

Beware that you most likely will experience air alarms on a regular basis. You will follow the instructions of the security manager at any given time in order not to risk your own health or life or the health or lives of other people.

We will not reimburse any payment if an act of war prevents us to deliver a safe environment, evacuate or cancel planned meetings/visits.

All participants must be able to show a valid insurance policy specifically issued for this tour before departure.

War Situation:

Acknowledging the current state of war in Ukraine is important. Informing participants that planned visits and meetings may be subject to change or cancellation due to the unpredictable nature of the situation is crucial.


Emphasizing the need for flexibility in the itinerary is important. Participants should be aware that adjustments may be made to ensure their safety and well-being.

Insurance Requirement:

Requiring participants to have a valid insurance policy specifically issued for the tour is a prudent measure. This ensures that individuals have coverage tailored to potential risks associated with the ongoing conflict.

Safety Priority:

The overall message should convey that the safety and security of participants are the top priorities, and any changes or cancellations are made with their well-being in mind.

*) Our services include successful strategic advisory services for launching new projects including the funding process, liaison consulting, and risk management. Our strategic network in the country, is built on years of experience in Ukraine. This network directly benefits our clients and partners

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A few facts

Kyiv visit

First stop is Kyiv, where we will meet various key individuals at the Danish embassy.
The idea is to give you an opportunity to ask the staff of our Danish representation any question you may have about the prospects and situation seen with official Danish eyes

Mykolaiv visit

Mykolaiv is one of the Ukrainian cities that has experienced significant damage. Denmark has pledge to assist in the reconstruction and thus Danish companies are preferred as contractors.
In Mykolaiv we will visit the local Danish representation, the mayors office, relevant key individuals and a local Ukraine company.

Preparation and Risk Analysis

This tour is subject to a thorough risk analysis, in order to assess the proper level of recommended protection or other mitigation strategies. Our meticulous risk assessment process ensures that we tailor the tour to make your stay 100% safe.


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Ukraine office in L'viv

HQ; Copenhagen, Denmark



Our operations office

In L'viv, Ukraine

Our operation office and safehouse is located strategically in the city of L'viv, a short distance of the borders of Poland.
From here we support our operators and provide a safe environment for operation planning and back office facilities.


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